If for any reason your travel plans change, and you are not going to be able to fly with us on the day booked, please be sure to contact us. The following cancellation policy applies to all Pelorus Air bookings:

  • For flights cancelled more than 48 hours prior to departure time, there will be no charge.
  • For flights cancelled between 24 hours and 48 hours prior to departure time we reserve the right to charge a 20% booking fee.
  • For flights cancelled within 24 hours prior to departure time, or in the case of a 'no show', you will be charged the full cost of the flight.
  • Pelorus Air reserves the right to apply discretion in special circumstances.
  • Remote landings are subject to weather.
  • Cancelled flights on our behalf (due to weather etc.) will incur no charge.
  • Refunds must be processed through the booking office or agent of origin within 4 weeks, failing which no refund will be entertained.


  • Infant - free of charge if seated on an adult's lap (one infant per adult). We can carry a maximum of 2 infants per flight.  An infant travelling Free of Charge is not allocated a luggage allowance; additional luggage charges will apply for car seats and pushchairs.  Children under the age of two, booked as an infant, will not be allocated a seat.
  • Child - from the age of 2 - 12 years inclusive pay the child fare, are allocated a seat and receive a 15kg free luggage allowance.


  • The carrier undertakes to use its best efforts to carry passengers and luggage with reasonable dispatch.  Times shown in timetables or elsewhere are not guaranteed, and form no part of this contract.
  • Schedules are subject to change without notice, due but not limited to adverse weather conditions and operational requirements.
  • The company does not assume any responsibility for passengers making connections.  Subject thereto, the carrier may without notice substitute alternative carriers or aircraft and may alter or omit the stopping places shown on the face of the ticket in case of necessity.
  • Passengers must bear their own expenses arising from any cause due to over carriage and/or delay, whether of passengers or luggage. 


  • The aircraft used by Pelorus Air Ltd have limited luggage space and passengers are encouraged to utilise small bags that are easily stowed.  For each passenger a free luggage allowance of 15kg is permitted on all flights conducted by Pelorus Air Ltd.  There is no limit to the number of bags, provided the net weight is 15kg or under.  Additional luggage may be carried at a discretionary extra charge, applied to luggage 16kg or more, subject to space and weight availability.
  • Passengers travelling in groups may pool their allowance.
  • Maximum weight for any luggage item is 25kg, any weight over this will need to be repacked in to additional bags.
  • The carrier does not guarantee the carriage of excess or oversized luggage.  All over sized items of luggage, including car seats, pushchairs and bikes that the carrier accepts will incur an additional fee.
  • Pelorus Air Ltd and its appointed agents accept no liability for damages consequential upon the loss, delay or damage of goods or luggage.  The carrier accepts no responsibility for fragile or perishable articles carried in luggage. 


(i) The provisions of Part II of the Carriage Act 1967 and other applicable laws. (ii) The Carriage of Goods Act 1979.

(iii) Applicable terms and conditions of the relevant Air Service Licence

(iv) The provisions contained in this ticket

(v) The conditions of carriage of the actual carrier which are made hereof and are available for inspection at the offices of the actual carrier.


This ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of its original issue except as otherwise provided in the conditions of carriage of the actual carrier. The fare for carriage is subject to change prior to commencement of carriage.  Carrier may refuse carriage if the applicable fare has not been paid. Where a fare increase has occurred since the date of original ticket issue, a ticket that has issued without entry thereon of reservation details or that requires a change to the reservations shown thereon will be accepted for travel only upon is reissue and payment of the application fare.


Articles such as the following may not be carried in passengers’ luggage:

  • Flammable or poisonous compressed gases
  • Corrosive materials (acids, mercury, etc.)
  • Explosives (fireworks and other articles that are easily ignited)
  • Magnetised materials
  • Oxidising substances
  • Poisonous, toxic, infectious substances
  • Radioactive materials
  • Other dangerous goods

Please contact Pelorus Air Ltd Operations Staff on 027 PLRSAIR (027 757 7247) or info@pelorusair.com for further details.


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